Dreamslip Competitions

Dreamslip competitions are held every weekday starting at 7:30 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time.  They are streamed live on Twitch.TV, Youtube Live, Facebook Live and VK Live to an audience all over the world.  

To enter a competition, performers need to contact us on the email comp@dreamslip.com .  We will make contact and exchange information regarding the type of performance and how to connect to our VR system.  Normally we use Zoom for the performers and we integrate their live video into the Dreamslip stream. 

Once the technicalities are finalised we will set the date and time for the performance. 

During the live competition, the entrants are sent the Zoom invitation and introduced to the other entrants.  When the broadcast begins, our hosts will introduce each entrant one at a time.  The entrants each do their performances to a live audience from various streaming platforms.

After all the performances are completed, the audience is then asked to vote for their favourite performance on the Dreamslip website.  Voting is open for 23 hours, after which the votes are counted up and the winner is announced.  

Prize money is shared amongst all the entrants based on the percentage of the vote they received.  Nobody goes home empty-handed – unless they received zero votes.

Entrants can perform again on another day, they are never eliminated. They can do the same or different performance the following day.  

At the end of the month, the winners of each competition are invited back to compete for the top monthly prize.

Matt Performing