Nicholas Caswell

Nicholas Caswell


With a family background in the music industry and the arts (his father and mother were both singers, and his uncle is one of the most-awarded artists and most-covered ‘Walk of Fame’ song-writers in the Australian country music scene, while his father is also a renowned author), Nicholas has spent his working life surrounded by actors and theatre luminaries such as David Lynch, Dean Carey and the late Rodney Bell – which has created a network of connections throughout the entertainment and arts sphere.

From his teens to now, he has worked in events-management, promotions, business-development and education, on 3 continents, working his way from office junior to senior management, while simultaneously developing his own projects.

His diverse skill-set and his entrepreneurial mindset coupled with an innate EQ and his deep regard for the struggles and the rights of artists have laid the foundations for the development of the DreamSlip concept.

Allan Caswell

Allan Caswell

Creativity Consultant

At the 2018 Tamworth Country Music Festival Allan Caswell was inducted into the prestigious Galaxy Of Stars. It was recognition for the huge contribution he has made to Australian Country Music as a songwriter, performer, producer and author.

Caswell is one of Australia’s most recorded songwriters with well over 700 of his songs being released around the world by artists of the calibre of Cilla Black, Patti Page, The Irish Rovers, The Living End, Slim Dusty, Barry Humphries, Ricki May, James Blundell, McAlister Kemp, Graeme Connors, The Wolfe Brothers, Anne Kirkpatrick, Chad Morgan, Lynne Hamilton, Beccy Cole and Ella Hooper among dozens of others.

Caswell has also built a big reputation as a writer of children’s songs as, among other projects, the co-writer and co-producer of the hugely successful Don Spencer albums.

In 1979 Caswell wrote the theme for the Australian television series “Prisoner” (Cell Block H in England) … “On The Inside” was a number 1 hit in Australia and New Zealand in 1979 and later reached number 3 in the UK and the Patti Page version made the country charts in the USA. After the success of “On The Inside” he went fulltime and has made a living writing and performing ever since.

Caswell’s performing career has taken him to virtually every town in NSW to every state of Australia, New Zealand, LA, New York, Nashville, East Timor, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

A glittering career in Country Music in Australia has netted Caswell 7 Golden Guitars (Country Music Awards Of Australia) from 40 finalist nominations … he has also been awarded 12 songwriting Awards from the Tamworth Songwriters Association, including The Songmaker Award … a virtual Hall Of Fame for country songwriters. He has won 9 Awards at the Independent Country Music Awards (Southern Stars) including Album of the Year for his last 3 albums. In the last 6 years there has been hardly a week when there hasn’t been at least one song (often 2 or 3) on the Australian Country charts. He is the ‘go-to’ co-writer for many of Australia’s top artists.


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